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Continuing your pregnancy with a life-limiting diagnosis


Our Story

Journey Through Bereavement is based on the belief that every life is precious and that every family deserves to have the opportunity to make the most of their time with their child, regardless of how long they will have together. Learn More.


I consider the work I do for our JTB families mission work. The families I partner with look to me as an advocate, professional mentor, and friend. I am thankful for the opportunity to guide them along such a sensitive and intimate journey.

Jami Macurak; Nurse Navigator Wellstar Kennestone Hospital.


In partnership with Journey Through Bereavement, families receiving a life limiting diagnosis for their unborn children are equipped with support throughout their pregnancy and delivery. This video provides an overview of the program, the program's history and the support resources available for families.


Journey Through Bereavement seeks to provide families, and the health systems which support them, with an organized set of resources to make each journey a precious one.  

From Nurse Navigator training to family keepsake resources and support group content, Journey Through Bereavement enables families and health systems are able to leverage proven resources and gain confidence in the knowledge that they are not alone in the journey.


For families

Families preparing to meet their child with a life limiting diagnosis are faced with a multitude of challenges and questions; however, Journey Through Bereavement believes that the Journey is worth the challenge. Learn More.

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for health systems

Journey Through Bereavement Partner Health Systems provide their patients with a set of resources pre-identified and made available to them so that they can make the most of their time with their child. Learn More.  


Get Involved

We’re looking for compassionate nurses with the desire to work in perinatal palliative care. The families in our program will look to you as their advocate, counselor, friend, and so much much more. The Journey Through Bereavement program helps families plan ahead as much as possible and, regardless of the situation, strives to facilitate an experience that enables families to cherish every moment they have with their child. We will provide you with training, support materials and a network of resources so you are able to confidently provide the best care to our loving families.

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