Journey Through Bereavement Partner Health Systems provide their patients with the comfort of knowing that they will be equipped with a solution set of resources pre-identified and made available to them at the right time and in the right place so that they can make the most of their time with their child.  Journey Through Bereavement allows Partner Health Systems to meaningfully enhance the Standard of Care they provide to patients with perinatal palliative care needs.

Journey Through Bereavement will provide Partner Health Systems with valuable peer-to-peer training through our proprietary Nurse Navigator Training Curriculum which will equip your participating nurses with focused clinical training, practical advice, and a full awareness of Journey Through Bereavement’s package of available partner resources which can be selected and utilized, on an a la carte basis, depending on your needs.

I consider the work I do for our JTB families mission work. The families I partner with look to me as an advocate, professional mentor, and friend. I am thankful for the opportunity to guide them along such a sensitive and intimate journey.
— Jami Macurak; Nurse Navigator WellStar Kennestone Hospital

Journey Through Bereavement Resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Clinical Resources:

    • Nurse Navigator Training Curriculum and “Train the Trainer” Onsite Support;

    • Nurse Navigator Recognition and Support;

    • Best Practice Awareness;

    • etc.

  • Pre-Packaged Patient Support Resources:

    • Personalized Keepsakes for Patients;

    • Support Group Development Assistance;

    • “Celebration of Life” Event Development Assistance;

    • etc.

  • Ideas to Support Your Development of Local Partnerships

    • Photography/Videography Partnerships;

    • Funeral Home Partnerships;

    • etc.

The Journey Through Bereavement (JTB) perinatal palliative care program was created to assist families in their time of need. JTB offers customized support to families who choose to continue a pregnancy after receiving a life-limiting diagnosis for their baby. Through collaboration with patients, caregivers and chaplains, families in the JTB program receive guidance from a dedicated Nurse Navigator through each palliative phase of care.